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How much is the cement ball mill on the market?

Time:2019-10-18 15:09:31

Cement ball mill, one of the traditional types of overflow ball mills, which is mainly named after grinding materials. Cement ball mill is a set of production value equipment with high customer purchase rate. How much does it cost to purchase a cement ball mill like this? I think this will be a topic that every pre-purchaser is more concerned about. Therefore, take this opportunity to make a simple equipment price introduction for everyone here.

First, determine which models of cement ball mills

It is recommended that you do some research in advance before you ask for an inquiry. For example, first understand the models of the cement ball mill under this production value, and understand the maximum production capacity of the cement ball mill under each model. What is the feed particle size? What is the size of the discharge, and not the price of the cement ball mill for the ball mill sales staff, which is easily misled by the ball mill sales staff. At present, the cement ball mill model produced by our factory will be issued in small series, but it is necessary to know that the cement ball mill under different types and specifications has the same production capacity, feed size, discharge size and power, so it is not Before understanding the price of cement ball mills, it is recommended that customers must first determine the model number.

Second, according to the specific selection to consult the specific ball mill manufacturers

It is necessary to know that the quotation basis of manufacturers in different producing areas is not equal. The starting price of equipment prices is definitely different. In addition, there are not only affiliates in the market, but also direct selling manufacturers. The cement ball mill equipments they give are quoted. The factory price of the people, then this will inevitably lead to different equipment quotations from different manufacturers, so the specific quotation needs to consult the specific manufacturer.