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Gold Mine Flotation Separator Equipment Processing

Time:2019-12-06 09:51:58

Gold is the leader of all kinds of minerals, so gold mining and gold flotation are common processes. There are many equipments needed in gold flotation process, among which flotation machine is one of the important equipments. What is the function of flotation machine in the process of gold flotation? Here is a detailed introduction:


After the gold ore is processed by the crusher in the mine, the large stone block will become small stone, and then it will be transported to the powder bin, and then it will be further finely crushed by the ball mill, and the finely crushed gold ore will be transported to the vibrating screen by the conveyor belt. Then the ore enters the ball mill, and the qualified products will flow into the flotation machine. The next step is to cyanidate the gold powder. It needs to grind the ore powder into powder shape, then wash and purify the ore powder into gold mud. Under high temperature, the gold mud turns into gold water. The gold water is poured into the prepared grinding tool, and then the gold is formed after solidification.

The above-mentioned gold separation process of flotation machine in gold mine can be seen that the selection of refined gold ore is produced in the flotation process of flotation machine, so the role of flotation machine is very critical. In this step, the gold flotation machine makes the pulp, medicine and air fully mixed, stirs out the bubbles and floats on the surface, and the gold containing substance is scraped out, so as to further refine the purity of gold ore. The function of flotation machine is very important in gold flotation.

gold flotation separator

The rapid development of mining industry also represents the innovation of ore dressing equipment and technology. The flotation effect should be better, reduce the waste of resources, accelerate the recovery of investment costs, and improve the working efficiency of gold enterprises.