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Gold mine re-election process

Time:2019-11-22 13:23:33

The re-election process utilizes the difference in density and particle size of the mineral, and the combination of the medium fluid and various mechanical forces causes appropriate loose delamination and separation conditions to obtain processes of products of different densities or different particle sizes. Since the density of gold minerals is much larger than that of gangue minerals, gold ore containing gold particles should be treated by re-election.

Sand gold mine re-election:

It is generally divided into processes of crushing, sieving, de-sludge, sorting, etc. Scattering and sieving is a process of sifting gold-bearing mud and sieving large pieces of gravel without gold. The main equipment is a cylinder. Sieves, vibrating screens, etc.

Desliming is the process of washing out the fine mud that interferes with the selection process. The main equipment has various types of de-slipping buckets; the selection of gold is usually the joint operation of several re-election equipments. There are chutes, jigs, agitating chutes, spiral sorters, shakers, centrifugal concentrators and cone concentrators.

The gold ore beneficiation is divided into two types: gold mining gold selection and fixed washing unit gold selection.

Pulse gold mine re-election:

It is an effective method for recovering fine gold from the dissociation of monomeric gold before and after flotation or leaching. This will help increase gold recovery and streamline the process.

Many years of practice has proved that the combination system of iron remover + jig + shaker + inclined tube thick box has high recovery rate, smooth flow and reliable operation, and the jig is usually placed as a rough selection device between the mill classification equipment. The mill discharge is first sent to the jig, and the sorted heavy minerals are sent to the shaker for re-election, and the light minerals flow to the classifier. The final re-selection of the gold grade can reach 40-45%, which can be directly smelted into high-purity gold ingots. In this configuration, the jig is a typical re-election device that reflects the principle of “acceptable early harvest”, which is beneficial to improve re-election and total recovery rate; the configuration of the centrifuge + shaker is also available in some gold selection plants. application.